Our investment philosophy

Our objective is to facilitate the development of regions which have limited access to capital by financing entrepreneurs directly via the MYC4 platform. Premiums for lending in African countries are too high and a big share of the population is severely constrained in access to capital. The lack of access to credit is an impediment to growth and is not justified given the expected returns of projects. We believe in the strength of investment with interest which, unlike aid, automatically leads to a self selection of sustainable projects and gives the right incentives, e.g. those who have defaulted in the past will not be eligible for a second loan in the future. Our current aim is to obtain a net return on our investments of 5% on average which will be reinvested or reimbursed to depositors. Although our main objective is to strike the right risk-return balance, a share of our investment is dedicated to social projects in health and education at potentially lower rates as we also value the social returns of our investments. 

We blog at Rigotnomics. Visit us there to stay updated on our philosphy

We blog at Rigotnomics. Visit us there to stay updated on our philosophy.